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Promises/The Gift

Shay, a Blade Whisperer, has made a promise. A promise she is determined to keep, no matter the consequences or the pain that promise might cause. She has searched long, following the countless whispers of forgotten blades, until one quiet whisper reveals the blade she seeks. And now that she’s found the bewitched dagger, she must fulfill her promise to set her lover free…by killing him.

The Gift
What magic lurks in a selfless gift, whispered by one who has lost all hope save for love? On the eve when darkness must surrender its cold grip on the land and cede victory to the light of renewal, one such gift is offered, but what ancient earth spirit will answer?

Reader Review
PROMISES and THE GIFT are two wondrous stories by fantasy author Sheri L. McGathy. If you’ve never read Sheri’s work, this duo would make a terrific introduction. She has a lyrical voice and paints vivid word pictures that will have you right in the fantasy realms of her characters. A master of atmospheres both dark and light, these two stories are highly evocative. A very satisfying read, highly recommended! ~ Susan Block

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