Mythical Press – Fantastic Fiction that’s Out of the Ordinary


Mythical Press offers readers out of the ordinary, fantastic fiction–not the same ol’ stuff! Mythical Press specializes in speculative fiction with romantic elements, and genre fiction set in unusual locales or in our region. Founded in 2011, Mythical Press calls Dayton, Ohio, the City of Innovation, home. Our fiction features that same inventive spirit that has characterized our hometown throughout the ages.

The name Mythical Press hearkens back to our primary focus, speculative fiction, myth, and legend. Publishing is a new world, one in which the rise of e-books could make the press itself mythical! However, we’re cognizant of the fact that, despite the attention received by e-books in recent years, paper books still comprise the majority of books sold today, and most Mythical Press novels, short fiction, and short fiction anthologies are available in trade paperback for those who prefer print.

Escape the mundane, and check out our catalog for fantastic fiction that’s out of the ordinary!